HAMMERFALL — The Vinyl Collection [Coloured]

14 farbige LPs, inkl 54-seitigen Buch

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Das edle Boxset enthält die Vinyl-Versionen von zehn HAMMERFALL Alben plus die "Gates of dalhalla" Vierfach-LP inklusive einem 54-seitigem Buch.
Glory To The Brave
A1 The Dragon Lies Bleeding 4:22
A2 The Metal Age 4:29
A3 Hammerfall 4:47
A4 I Believe 4:54
A5 Child Of The Damned 3:42
B1 Steel Meets Steel 4:02
B2 Stone Cold 5:44
B3 Unchained 5:38
B4 Glory To The Brave 7:20
Legacy Of Kings
A1 Heeding The Call 4:30
A2 Legacy Of Kings 4:13
A3 Let The Hammer Fall 4:16
A4 Dreamland 5:42
A5 Remember Yesterday 5:05
B1 At The End Of The Rainbow 4:05
B2 Back To Back 3:39
B3 Stronger Than All 4:29
B4 Warriors Of Faith 4:45
B5 The Fallen One 4:23
A1 Templars Of Steel 5:24
A2 Keep The Flame Burning 4:40
A3 Renegade 4:21
A4 Living In Victory 4:43
A5 Always Will Be 4:49
B1 The Way Of The Warrior 4:07
B2 Destined For Glory 5:10
B3 The Champion 4:57
B4 Raise The Hammer 3:22
B5 A Legend Reborn 5:11
Crimson Thunder
A1 Riders Of The Storm 4:34
A2 Hearts On Fire 3:51
A3 On The Edge Of Honour 4:50
A4 Crimson Thunder 5:05
A5 Lore Of The Arcane 1:27
A6 Trailblazers 4:39
B1 Dreams Come True 4:03
B2 Angel Of Mercy 5:38
B3 The Unforgiving Blade 3:40
B4 In Memoriam 4:22
B5 Hero's Return 5:23
Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
A1 Secrets 6:06
A2 Blood Bound 3:49
A3 Fury Of The Wild 4:44
A4 Hammer Of Justice 4:38
A5 Never, Ever 4:06
A6 Born To Rule 4:08
B1 The Templar Flame 3:41
B2 Imperial 2:30
B3 Take The Black 4:47
B4 Knights Of The 21st Century 12:19
A1 Threshold 4:43
A2 The Fire Burns Forever 3:20
A3 Rebel Inside 5:32
A4 Natural High 4:13
A5 Dark Wings, Dark Words 5:01
A6 Howlin' With The 'Pac 4:04
B1 Shadow Empire 5:13
B2 Carved In Stone 6:10
B3 Reign Of The Hammer 2:48
B4 Genocide 4:41
B5 Titan 4:24
A1 Child Of The Damned 3:44
A2 Ravenlord 3:33
A3 Eternal Dark 3:10
A4 Back To Back 3:40
A5 I Want Out 4:39
B1 Man On The Silver Mountain 3:27
B2 Head Over Heels 4:38
B3 Run With The Devil 3:38
B4 We're Gonna Make It 3:37
B5 Breaking The Law 2:14
C1 Angel Of Mercy 5:42
C2 Rising Force 4:31
C3 Detroit Rock City 3:56
C4 Crazy Nights 3:41
D1 När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn 3:09
D2 Flight Of The Warrior 4:22
D3 Youth Gone Wild 3:20
D4 Aphasia 2:34
No Sacrifice, No Victory
A1 Any Means Necessary 3:35
A2 Life Is Now 4:43
A3 Punish And Enslave 3:57
A4 Legion 5:36
B1 Between Two Worlds 5:28
B2 Hallowed Be My Name 3:56
B3 Something For The Ages 5:03
B4 No Sacrifice, No Victory 3:32
C1 Bring The Hammer Down 3:41
C2 One Of A Kind 6:14
C3 My Sharona 3:57
A1 Patient Zero 6:01
A2 B.Y.H. 3:47
A3 One More Time 4:06
B1 The Outlaw 4:10
B2 Send Me A Sign 4:00
B3 Dia De Los Muertos 5:07
C1 I Refuse 4:32
C2 666 - The Enemy Within 4:29
C3 Immortalized 3:59
D1 Let's Get It On 4:05
D2 Redemption 7:02
Gates Of Dalhalla - Part 1
A1 Patient Zero 6:00
A2 Heeding The Call 4:39
A3 Any Means Necessary 3:44
A4 B.Y.H. 3:58
B1 Riders On The Storm 5:26
B2 Let's Get It On 4:03
B3 Crimson Thunder 5:05
B4 Renegade 4:16
C1 Blood Bound 4:16
C2 Last Man Standing 4:07
C3 Fury Of The Wild 4:49
C4 Drum Solo 3:12
D1 Always Will Be 4:25
D2 Dia De Los Muertos 5:13
D3 Steel Meets Steel 4:04
Gates Of Dalhalla - Part 2
A1 Treshold 4:59
A2 The Dragon Lies Bleeding 4:26
A3 Let The Hammer Fall 5:33
A4 När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn 3:07
B1 Something For The Ages 5:06
B2 The Templar Flame 4:50
B3 Oh Fortuna 1:55
B4 Glory To The Brave 6:29
C1 One More Time 4:19
C2 Hammerfall 5:46
C3 Hearts On Fire 4:45
A1 Hector's Hymn 5:54
A2 (r)Evolution 4:25
A3 Bushido 4:41
B1 Live Life Loud 3:32
B2 Ex Inferis 4:41
B3 We Won't Back Down 4:19
C1 Winter Is Coming 3:49
C2 Origins 4:58
C3 Tainted Metal 4:37
D1 Evil Incarnate 4:36
D2 Wildfire 4:04
D3 Demonized 3:36

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ProduktnameHAMMERFALL — The Vinyl Collection [Coloured]
Preis199,00 €
LieferzeitIm Schallplattenladen Stralsund
Name - TitelThe Vinyl Collection
MedientypLP / Vinyl 12"
Vinylgewicht pro Schallplatte140 gramm
Anzahl der Plattenmehrere Schallplatten
BeilagenHeftbeilage /Booklet/Buch
Allgemeiner PlattenzustandNEU/OVP
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